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Houston Vitiligo Awareness Movement

Making Moves to Change the Face of Vitiligo



School Awareness Programs – By creating Vitiligo awareness programs in the school systems, it allows experts to go into the schools to talk about Vitiligo and is a step forward in helping kids understand that their words have power and can literally be life altering. Bullying is an issue that is increasing every day and is gaining more attention in the news and on social media outlets. When you factor in a child who has Vitiligo, that multiplies/intensifies the impact that a child faces on top of trying to succeed in school.


Job Force Awareness Programs – As quiet as it’s kept, Vitiligo awareness and acceptance programs are needed in the job force. While bullying most often affects kids, it happens to adults too. Society would like us to believe that as adults we should be able to take the punches and keep moving. Yet, the mental and emotional stressors that adults living with Vitiligo face is sometimes unbearable. When you couple it with those who have families and isolate themselves to protect loved ones…that is a growing issue to be addressed.



Innovative Awareness ProgramsResearch has proven that individuals are moved by their senses; specifically, what they see and what they hear. Marketing and advertising strategies can aid in the quest to teach the power of accepting differences and technology has played a key role in helping to reach the masses. However, it's important to undertstand that discrimination takes on many forms. Vitiligo in itself does not discriminate, but discrimination occurs when people are not educated to understand Vitiligo.

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